17 November 2010

SPQR II: Sono Pazzi Questi Romani (Saturday 16 Oct)

Saturday morning we woke up, took a shower got dressed and into the bar for a Cappuccino and Brioche. The B&B provided for coupons to be used in the bar next door and really we do not need any more in the morning. Since we were so close to the Vatican which we only saw from outside we decided to go there first and have a look inside, inside the St. Peter's Basilica. Although I've been in it before I got goosebumps again, so big, so beautiful, so ... (words can not describe my feelings). I can really understand people in the past, but also today are so impressed by it's greatness and beauty that they feel closer to God, or whatever they believe. In one of the chapels I took a moment for myself to pray for my mother; she died last July, only 60 years old, because of cancer.

After the visit to the St. Peter we walked in a straight line to the Castel Sant'Angelo. Walking down the Via della Conciliazione you keep a fantastic view at the St. Peter and it's square behind you (one has to look around though). Nowadays the Castle is maybe best known for it's role in Dan Brown's Angels & Demons in stead of it's original role as mausoleum for Hadrian(us) and later as Papal fortress, and even prison. Since we did not want to drawn our kids with too much history, culture and musea on their first city trip we moved on.