12 May 2014

Recipe: Paccheri con Ricotta e Rucola

It's a fast, easy to prepare, tasteful and healthy dish. It's on my diet since a couple of weeks. A diet I got prescribed by an Italian dietologist, so loosing weight eating pasta is possible. Forget about the low-carb diets! ;-)

ingredients per person
80-100 gr pasta pp
50 gr ricotta cheese
10 gr yoghurt
20 gr rucola
pepper, salt, nutmeg (nootmuskaat)

directions (15mins)
1. prepare the pasta al dente according to indications of the pasta
2. meanwhile heat the ricotta and yoghurt in a pan, add the sliced rucola and add some freshly grated nutmeg
3. when the pasta is almost ready toss the pasta with a bit of the water into the sauce. stir, taste and finish off with S&P.

Buon Appetito!