16 May 2011


spirito del vinoBreakfast on our way to #Barbera2ready, steady,... GO!ready for #Barbera2the wine list for #Barbera2perfect service
9 glasses are filled, 1 more and we can startnice colour!like a school trip - all in the busCascina GaritinaBuffet at Cascina GaritinaBuffet at Cascina Garitina
Buffet at Cascina GaritinaBuffet at Cascina GaritinaCascina GaritinaOld vineyard at Cascina GaritinaCascina Garitina's vineyardsurroundings of Cascina Garitina
Future Barbera at Cascina GaritinaFiat in the Colli Tortonesi

#Barbera2, a set on Flickr.

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